I love food. I guess starting a “food blog” makes that pretty explanatory, but I do. Though the actual food is a large part of it, there are plenty of other reasons why food is a wonderful thing.



Just a few months ago, my husband and I decided to visit Europe for my first time. We traveled for a month, so needless to say I was frazzled for portions of the trip. Well, we arrived in Stockholm late one night, exhausted, tired, and ready for sleep. We went straight to bed and woke up starving. My hero (and our other friend) went to grab breakfast. I was expecting some sort of doughnut or cinnamon roll and the biggest bottle of water money can buy.


They came back with a beautiful length of strawberry-pastry goodness (Jordgubbslängd) that was one of the best things we ate on our trip.


Thinking back, it was delicious and wonderful and a beautiful example of Swedish pastries (which are my favorites of European pastries so far). But would it have been so magical without the story behind it? The hunger and the newness?

Food is often a static medium, made simply for consumption. For a lot of the world, and for most of the time in our daily lives, it is simply a means of keeping life going. But, in certain special moments, food can be so much more.


Food can be memories of Thanksgiving dinner when the pecan pie didn’t set and the turkey overcooked. Food can bring us back to a moment in childhood when your mother gave you the first taste of a peach. Food can be that moment watching your child sit beneath a blackberry bush, mouth, fingers and hair wet with purple stains and consuming with a reckless abandon.


I invite you to explore this type of food, and the stories about it, in this new exploration of what food means to me, you, and the people that prepare it–whether that be your mom, your favorite barbecue restaurant, or the shop on the corner.

Welcome to Stories About Food.

Author: Hannah Rushton

I'm happiest when eating an ice cream cone, pasta, or anything with a French name (brie, crème brûlée, brioche, etc.).

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