An NYC Cookbook Adventure (Ample Hills)

Ice Cream + Cookbooks + New York = Destiny.

Once upon a time, I worked at a small publisher in Springville, Utah. It was the second job I had after leaving from school, and it was a little bit of a nightmare. We’ve all had those jobs, right?

But, I had a fancy title (Cookbook Acquisitions Editor), I was learning lots of new things (the publishing industry), and the people I worked with were wonderful. I made some lasting friendships and even met my husband through this job (a CRAZY story for another time), so who’s to complain?


Well, after starting this job, I jumped headlong into the world of food bloggers, cookbook authors, and good food. Though I had always been interested in food, I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I worked in this position. Looking for new types of cookbooks to create was fascinating for me and connecting with food bloggers was a lot of fun.


Part of the job was looking through existing cookbooks and finding pieces of them that I wanted to incorporate into my cookbooks. This search yielded many of my favorite cookbooks (Jerusalem, Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, etc.) and left me with plenty of ideas.

BUT. There was one cookbook that changed the way I thought about cookbooks.


Not only was it a beautiful example of a cookbook, the recipes inside were to die for. If I wanted an ice cream store to live next to, (or inside if they’d let me) this would be the one.


Unfortunately, Ample Hills was located in Brooklyn. A little bit of a jaunt from Provo, Utah.

UNTIL this summer. After we decided to spend a month in Europe (more about this later), we figured out that a nice little pit stop on the way to Europe would, of course, be my favorite city in the world. And naturally, we had to stop at Ample Hills.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to this point, including getting caught in the rain, waiting for an Uber driver, and trying to plan our time around an impending flight–but we finally made it.

When I walked inside Ample Hills, my wildest dreams were met. Not only was it COVERED in cute little drawings (just like the cookbook), but the ice cream was fluffy, sweet, and cold. And, to top it off, I had made it there with my husband–the person I wanted to share it with most of all.


Though this seems like a small moment to me (and maybe to you) months from now, the build-up to eating this ice cream is one of my favorite memories of New York.


Ample Hills (623 Vanderbilt Ave.)


What’s a favorite ICE CREAM memory of yours??

Author: Hannah Rushton

I'm happiest when eating an ice cream cone, pasta, or anything with a French name (brie, crème brûlée, brioche, etc.).

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