Boru Ramen Bar Opens in Waldo

Boru Ramen is the newest addition to Kansas City’s flourishing ramen obsession. Check out their great environment and even better food!

Kansas City has something new to try starting February 22: Boru Ramen Bar. Created by longtime restauranteurs, Andy Lock and Domhnall Molloy, creators of wildly popular Summit Grill, Boru Ramen Bar is heavily influenced by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. With an emphasis on education, fun, and new flavors, the Boru Ramen team brings a new flavor to a city full of unique flavors. With a menu full of asian-inspired drinks–including fun Japanese sodas–delicious appetizers, plenty of ramen, and a glossary to explain everything, Boru Ramen covers its bases, including lots of unique choices of seafood.

What to Eat:



Though this seems like a no-brainer (duh, fries), these sweet potato fries are amped up with delicious additions like crispy pork belly, a fried egg, kimchi, and are dressed with a delicious curry-lime aioli. A serious winner in the appetizer category.



New for most, this japanese savory pancake is really unique, specifically with the addition of katsuobushi, a dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna. Traditionally placed on hot foods, the katsuobushi moves around from the heat, so much so that it looks alive. Topped off with smoked bacon, cabbage, nori, japanese BBQ sauce, and kewpie mayonnaise, its a delicious and unique addition to any dinner!



Be sure to try any of their steamed Bao buns, but go for an Asian take on fried chicken and slaw with the Togarashi Fried Chicken. It’s delicious!



If you are craving something other than ramen, try the Bibimbap, a delicious and unique dish that cooks before your eyes in an incredibly hot stone bowl. Filled with fresh and pickled veggies, bulgogi steak, and a fresh egg (which cooks when you stir the bowl), it’s one of my favorite things on the menu.

Korean and Seafood Ramen


Lastly, don’t forget about the entire purpose of Boru (which means bowl in Japanese): the ramen! Our favorite was the Korean ramen, topped with kurobuta pork belly, bean sprouts, greens, kimchi, and gochujang. With a delicious broth and thick slices of pork belly, this ramen is a must try! The Seafood Ramen (pictured above) is also insanely delicious and quite the experience (look at that prawn #whoa).

Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve

I absolutely adore matcha green tea soft serve, and this was a delicious reminder of that. It’s a great way to end on something sweet!

Please let me know when you visit! I’d love to hear what your favorite choices were.

Author: Hannah Rushton

I'm happiest when eating an ice cream cone, pasta, or anything with a French name (brie, crème brûlée, brioche, etc.).

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