RND Corner Grille: The Perfect Night Out

RND Corner Grille is an example of fine dining at its best. With delicious entrees, desserts, and a wonderful ambience, RND was a great way to get away and experience Lawrence, Kansas.

“Hello gorgeous,” is exactly what I thought when I walked into RND Corner Grille, on the corner of the busiest street in Lawrence, Kansas, home of KU.


RND Corner Grille is a beautiful restaurant, tucked away and named after the historical Round Corner Drug that the building used to be. For a day trip, we decided to drive down through beautiful Kansas and try what we heard from many was a wonderful dining experience. We were NOT disappointed.

What to Eat:

Charcuterie Plate



If I could tell you the magic that this charcuterie plate was … well, I would. Complete with three types of meats, two cheeses, deliciously charred bread, a mustard cherry compote, and greens, it’s the perfect start to a delicious meal.

Lobster Mac and Cheese



Orecchiette pasta, grano padano, herbed bread crumbs, and a grilled baguette completes this delicious rendition of a traditional mac and cheese. With sweet succulent lobster, creamy cheese pasta, and a beautiful addition of herbs, this pasta is an absolute delicious option for any time of the day!

Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon and Scallops) and a Twice Baked Potato






So many heart eyes for this dish. Though it isn’t on the menu, ask your server and they will gladly make it! It’s a delicious rendition of a traditional surf and turf, with perfectly seared scallops, and tender, juicy, and flavorful filet mignon. Be sure to get an additional side of the twice baked potatoes! Stuffed with lardon, and aged gouda cheese and piped back into potato shell with finesse, it’s an absolute dream of a potato.

Crème Brûlée



Crème Brûlée has always been my favorite dessert, so when RND brought out this beautifully unique crème brûlée, I was really excited! With a sugar shell (cooked twice to create a robust caramel flavor) melted over a creamy custard and fresh berries, this crème brûlée was one of my favorite things of the day.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Hazelnuts



Lastly, we can’t forget this beautiful example of a flourless chocolate cake, with a bed of mixed berries and hazelnuts, whipped cream, and a chocolate ganache. A delicious ending to a perfect dining experience.

A restaurant like this doesn’t come around very often, so be sure to stop by Lawrence’s RND Corner Grille for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Best Easter Treats in Kansas City + A Giveaway!

Making an Easter basket?
Here are the best Easter treats in Kansas City AND a giveaway!

P.S. the GIVEAWAY information is at the bottom!

Spring time is one of the best times of the year. With flowers and greenery returning to Kansas City, the city springs alive into more ways than one. With more people roaming the streets, walking through parks, and dining on patios, spring is a great time to get out and explore the city.

One of my favorite times during spring is Easter time, especially because of the cute treats found around the city. Here are just a few of my favorite Easter treats in Kansas City.

1. Dolce Bakery



Dolce Bakery is one of Kansas City’s favorite bakeries, and for good reason! Serving Kansas City since 2007, they focus on some of the best in sweet treats. For their Easter treats, they offer the cutest sugar cookies (carrots, bunnies, and easter eggs) as well as some of their signature cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, scones, mini key lime tarts, and a mini carrot cake for two. And for those customers who have a gluten sensitivity, they now offer everything in a gluten free version. Be sure to order today by going to their website (linked above) for pick-up on Saturday.

2. Panache Chocolatier & Café



For 36 years, Panache Chocolatier has been one of the best chocolatiers in Kansas City, located right on the Plaza. With freshly made artisanal chocolates hand-crafted daily, they focus on using fresh ingredients in their chocolates, confections, and beverages. For Easter, they create adorable bunnies, ducks, chicks, and eggs, perfect for anyone’s Easter basket! Be sure to check out their store on the Plaza, or visit their website (linked above).

3. Sweet Kiss Brigadeiro



Brigadeiros are one of my favorite treats and I’m so happy to have them available in Kansas City! Similar to a chocolate bon-bon, brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian treat, are made from chocolate, condensed milk, and butter to form a soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior that is covered in sprinkles, or nuts. Sweet Kiss provides lots of delicious flavors, including almond, coconut, Capirinha Brazilian cocktail, crème brûlée, lemon, milk chocolate, and white chocolate Nutella. And for Easter, they have beautiful brigadeiro eggs that come in half pound and pound options with a choice of two flavors, and a pink, purple, blue, or green wrapping. Be sure to order online for pick-up or delivery in time for Easter!

Let me know what your favorite Easter treats are around Kansas City! And be sure to check out my previous post on the Best Ice Cream in Kansas City.


Follow my blog by clicking the follow button for an entry, comment on this blog post for an entry AND go to my Instagram, @eatingkc, to tag three friends in the same comment for an entry. The winner will receive a $15 gift card to spend at Panache Chocolatier! The winner will be announced tomorrow at noon at @eatingkc, so get your entries in fast!

The Top 5 Ice Cream Shops in Kansas City

Looking for some delicious ice cream in the Kansas City area? Here are the top 5 ice cream shops in Kansas City!

Kansas City is warm again! With that glorious spring and summer comes the need for lots and lots of ice cream. Luckily, Kansas City has GREAT ice cream shops, plenty to keep you busy for the whole summer. Here are the top 5 ice cream shops in Kansas City!

1. Glacé/Murray’s Ice Creams




Glacé is a classic in Kansas City ice cream. With some of the best and most unique flavors (like Sweet Potato & Marshmallow, Earl Grey Tea & Apricot, Goat Cheese and Cherry, and Gingerbread), Glacé is fun to visit every time. Created by the Willy Wonka of Kansas City, Christopher Elbow, Glacé is staunchly local, using local beers, coffee, produce, and most importantly, milk, to create their delicious and seasonal flavors.

I find a new favorite every time I go (be sure to try the Earl Grey Tea if they have it) and love trying the more unique creations like Goat Cheese and Cherry–the unique creations are always extremely loyal to their flavors, but surprisingly delicious. And never leave without at least a spoonful (or a pint) of Elbow Dark Chocolate.

Glace Artisan Ice Cream (4960 Main St. Kansas City, MO // 816.561.1117)




(This store is now closed after 30 years, but I leave this review here to remember Murray’s! RIP.)

Murray’s Homemade Ice Creams and Cookies is tied for first with Glacé and for good reason. Their shop is reminiscent of the good ole’ days with traditional ice cream, floats, egg creams, malts, phosphates, and more. Operating in the same location for over 30 years, the shop most likely looks the same as the day it opened in 1984 with funny action figures filling empty spaces in the cone case.

Some of their favorite flavors being Chocolate Flake Fromage, The Ultimint Mint, and One Drunk Monk, they don’t only serve clever flavors. But, one of the best things about Murray’s is their cookies. Serving about 10 types of cookies daily, you’ll definitely want to give an ice cream sandwich a try.  Be sure to run to get a cone when they open again in March–it’s busy when Murray’s opens again!

Murray’s Ice Creams & Cookies (4120 Pennsylvania Ave. Kansas City, MO // 816.931.5646)

2. Betty Rae’s




Betty Rae’s is the new kid on the block. Opening in March of last year, their store set the Kansas City foodie world afire with their wonderful new flavors and DELICIOUS cones. Made by hand and pressed in a traditional Belgian-style waffle cone maker, not only are the cones beautiful, but deliciously soft and flavorful. There have been many times I’ve wanted to ask for just the cone to go. But, with everything made in house, including the ice cream, sauces, and toppings, it would be a crying shame to leave without the ice cream.

With flavors like Pumpkin Spice Latte (#PSL), Apple Crisp, Brown Butter and Toasted Pecans (my favorite), and Maple Donut, the ice cream can safely be something worth bucket-listing. And, with boozy shakes introduced this summer, their ice cream is worth getting any day (or night) of the week! Don’t forget to try the Orange Creamsicle, a summer favorite!

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream (7140 Wornall Rd. Kansas City, MO // 816.237.1168)

3. Foo’s Frozen Custard



Frozen custard is one of my truest loves, and Foo’s Frozen Custard does NOT disappoint. Established in 1988, Foo’s is a true classic in Kansas City and now has two locations, one of which includes a lunch menu. The custard, offered in vanilla, comes with the option of mixing in numerous different fruits, nuts, candies, chocolate, and more. With a huge blackboard of Foo’s favorite combinations though, choosing what to get won’t be the easiest task.

You can choose a sundae option or a concrete option, but either way you are in for a treat! With a creamy, cold and thick consistency, the custard is exactly what you expect custard to be. Get the BIGGEST size possible because trust me, you’ll be wanting more when you finish.

Foo’s Frozen Custard (6235 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, MO // 816.523.2520)

4. Cirque du Sucre

Looking for the best in Kansas City ice cream? Check out the top 5 BEST local ice cream shops and find your favorite flavor!
Photo credit @cirquedusucrekc

Cirque du Sucre (Circus of Sugar) is definitely my favorite circus. With delicious ice cream flavors (sweet pea ice cream, strawberry ice cream with champagne macarons, and horchata), banana splits, and campfire smores (homemade marshmallows and chocolate graham crackers), this circus is ready to amaze you with flavors. But, the real hero of Cirque du Sucre are the amazing French macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Cirque du Sucre’s delicious ice cream is sandwiched between beautifully created macarons for the most amazing cold crunch you’ll ever experience. One of my favorite treats in Kansas City, this truck is worth tracking down. Follow them on Instagram for more information about the trucks whereabouts, their pop-ups, or get a French macaron subscription (6 French macarons a month for a fixed price).

Cirque du Sucre (@cirquedusucrekc // 913.216.4093)

5. Paleteria Tropicana




Paleteria Tropicana is one of the most unique ice cream shops in Kansas City. Located on Southwest Blvd., a street notorious for offering the best in Mexican food, Paleteria Tropicana adds its own spin on delectable tropical flavors. With everything from delicious popsicles (so many flavors to choose from!) and aguas frescas, to chocolate dipped bananas, homemade ice cream, and churros, this little shop has it all.

They also have lots of lunch items, like flautas, nachos, and homemade tamales, but also my personal favorite treat, elotes, also known as Mexican street corn. It’s a unique little store that has a couple of locations around the Kansas City area and is extremely popular. Though anything you get here is amazing (elote!), I would recommend any flavor of popsicle. And trust me–if you get one, you may want to get them all!

Paleteria Tropicana (830 Southwest Blvd. Kansas City, MO // 816.221.0192)

Boru Ramen Bar Opens in Waldo

Boru Ramen is the newest addition to Kansas City’s flourishing ramen obsession. Check out their great environment and even better food!

Kansas City has something new to try starting February 22: Boru Ramen Bar. Created by longtime restauranteurs, Andy Lock and Domhnall Molloy, creators of wildly popular Summit Grill, Boru Ramen Bar is heavily influenced by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. With an emphasis on education, fun, and new flavors, the Boru Ramen team brings a new flavor to a city full of unique flavors. With a menu full of asian-inspired drinks–including fun Japanese sodas–delicious appetizers, plenty of ramen, and a glossary to explain everything, Boru Ramen covers its bases, including lots of unique choices of seafood.

What to Eat:



Though this seems like a no-brainer (duh, fries), these sweet potato fries are amped up with delicious additions like crispy pork belly, a fried egg, kimchi, and are dressed with a delicious curry-lime aioli. A serious winner in the appetizer category.



New for most, this japanese savory pancake is really unique, specifically with the addition of katsuobushi, a dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna. Traditionally placed on hot foods, the katsuobushi moves around from the heat, so much so that it looks alive. Topped off with smoked bacon, cabbage, nori, japanese BBQ sauce, and kewpie mayonnaise, its a delicious and unique addition to any dinner!



Be sure to try any of their steamed Bao buns, but go for an Asian take on fried chicken and slaw with the Togarashi Fried Chicken. It’s delicious!



If you are craving something other than ramen, try the Bibimbap, a delicious and unique dish that cooks before your eyes in an incredibly hot stone bowl. Filled with fresh and pickled veggies, bulgogi steak, and a fresh egg (which cooks when you stir the bowl), it’s one of my favorite things on the menu.

Korean and Seafood Ramen


Lastly, don’t forget about the entire purpose of Boru (which means bowl in Japanese): the ramen! Our favorite was the Korean ramen, topped with kurobuta pork belly, bean sprouts, greens, kimchi, and gochujang. With a delicious broth and thick slices of pork belly, this ramen is a must try! The Seafood Ramen (pictured above) is also insanely delicious and quite the experience (look at that prawn #whoa).

Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve

I absolutely adore matcha green tea soft serve, and this was a delicious reminder of that. It’s a great way to end on something sweet!

Please let me know when you visit! I’d love to hear what your favorite choices were.



I love food. I guess starting a “food blog” makes that pretty explanatory, but I do. Though the actual food is a large part of it, there are plenty of other reasons why food is a wonderful thing.



Just a few months ago, my husband and I decided to visit Europe for my first time. We traveled for a month, so needless to say I was frazzled for portions of the trip. Well, we arrived in Stockholm late one night, exhausted, tired, and ready for sleep. We went straight to bed and woke up starving. My hero (and our other friend) went to grab breakfast. I was expecting some sort of doughnut or cinnamon roll and the biggest bottle of water money can buy.


They came back with a beautiful length of strawberry-pastry goodness (Jordgubbslängd) that was one of the best things we ate on our trip.


Thinking back, it was delicious and wonderful and a beautiful example of Swedish pastries (which are my favorites of European pastries so far). But would it have been so magical without the story behind it? The hunger and the newness?

Food is often a static medium, made simply for consumption. For a lot of the world, and for most of the time in our daily lives, it is simply a means of keeping life going. But, in certain special moments, food can be so much more.


Food can be memories of Thanksgiving dinner when the pecan pie didn’t set and the turkey overcooked. Food can bring us back to a moment in childhood when your mother gave you the first taste of a peach. Food can be that moment watching your child sit beneath a blackberry bush, mouth, fingers and hair wet with purple stains and consuming with a reckless abandon.


I invite you to explore this type of food, and the stories about it, in this new exploration of what food means to me, you, and the people that prepare it–whether that be your mom, your favorite barbecue restaurant, or the shop on the corner.

Welcome to Stories About Food.