RND Corner Grille: The Perfect Night Out

RND Corner Grille is an example of fine dining at its best. With delicious entrees, desserts, and a wonderful ambience, RND was a great way to get away and experience Lawrence, Kansas.

“Hello gorgeous,” is exactly what I thought when I walked into RND Corner Grille, on the corner of the busiest street in Lawrence, Kansas, home of KU.


RND Corner Grille is a beautiful restaurant, tucked away and named after the historical Round Corner Drug that the building used to be. For a day trip, we decided to drive down through beautiful Kansas and try what we heard from many was a wonderful dining experience. We were NOT disappointed.

What to Eat:

Charcuterie Plate



If I could tell you the magic that this charcuterie plate was … well, I would. Complete with three types of meats, two cheeses, deliciously charred bread, a mustard cherry compote, and greens, it’s the perfect start to a delicious meal.

Lobster Mac and Cheese



Orecchiette pasta, grano padano, herbed bread crumbs, and a grilled baguette completes this delicious rendition of a traditional mac and cheese. With sweet succulent lobster, creamy cheese pasta, and a beautiful addition of herbs, this pasta is an absolute delicious option for any time of the day!

Surf and Turf (Filet Mignon and Scallops) and a Twice Baked Potato






So many heart eyes for this dish. Though it isn’t on the menu, ask your server and they will gladly make it! It’s a delicious rendition of a traditional surf and turf, with perfectly seared scallops, and tender, juicy, and flavorful filet mignon. Be sure to get an additional side of the twice baked potatoes! Stuffed with lardon, and aged gouda cheese and piped back into potato shell with finesse, it’s an absolute dream of a potato.

Crème Brûlée



Crème Brûlée has always been my favorite dessert, so when RND brought out this beautifully unique crème brûlée, I was really excited! With a sugar shell (cooked twice to create a robust caramel flavor) melted over a creamy custard and fresh berries, this crème brûlée was one of my favorite things of the day.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Hazelnuts



Lastly, we can’t forget this beautiful example of a flourless chocolate cake, with a bed of mixed berries and hazelnuts, whipped cream, and a chocolate ganache. A delicious ending to a perfect dining experience.

A restaurant like this doesn’t come around very often, so be sure to stop by Lawrence’s RND Corner Grille for an unforgettable dining experience.

Kansas City’s Newest Thai Obsession: AEP Restaurant

Kansas City has a new Thai restaurant, and it’s a wonderful blend of old and new takes on traditional Thai food!

Though unique may be overused when referring to restaurants, there’s no other way to describe Kansas City’s newest Thai restaurant: AEP (pronounced ape). Dedicated to bringing authentic and indigenous Thai spices and native cooking techniques to Kansas City, Jakob Polaco, owner and executive chef, spent two weeks working in a Thai kitchen in Bangkok learning Thai cooking techniques to bring back to his 39th street location. Also dedicated to working with local suppliers and farmers like Cultivate KC, Polaco has a unique and beautiful take on traditional Thai foods.

What to Eat:

Burmese Curried Greens


Burmese curried greens are served with the most delicious chickpea chips, and the combination of the salty chips and the greens stewed in red curry is something delicious.

Beef Rendang

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.30.25 PM
Credit: @kclocaleats

My favorite taste of the day, the Beef Rendang is an Indonesian beef curry with sambal tempoyak (a durian and chile paste condiment) and is served with jasmine rice. The beautiful plating and the deconstruction of the curry is a fascinating take on traditional Thai food.

Chinatown Tincture


Lastly, be sure to taste the Chinatown Tincture, one of the most unique desserts I’ve ever tasted! Created with pearl sago, seasonal fruit (a delicious candied jack fruit when I tried it), and ginkgo milk, this tincture is a tasteful end to an interesting and delicious meal!

Go give it a try and let me know what you think!